– CLIENT Azur Retreat
- CHANNELS Online Media, Social Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Media Activations


Azur Retreat is a new, luxurious getaway, "hidden" in the idyllic jewel of the Ionian, Meganissi island.

Our main goal was to generate awareness for the newly opened luxury resort in Meganissi, both for domestic and international travelers, within a fairly limited period of time of the summer tourist season and a highly dynamic environment due to shifting travel policies regarding COVID-19.
The look-to-book period was compressed from the usual 2-3 months of research to a last-minute booking decision, as travelers could not plan long-term, due to unstable and constantly changing lockdown policies. At the same time, Meganissi had no real clout as a destination for international travelers, compared to the much more renowned neighboring Scorpio and Lefkada islands. On the other hand, this created a double opportunity after such a long period of international travel bans, since the public was ready for “revenge trips”, seeking more luxurious options than usual, while being off the beaten path created a potent USP for Meganissi.


ForestView designed the complete digital marketing strategy.

The strategy was promoting a highly exclusive, luxurious holiday experience across all stages of the traveler consumer journey, from the dreaming and research phase to the crucial booking face for multiple services of Azur Retreat, like accommodation, but also services for the vibrant yachting scene of the Ionian, like bar, restaurant or spa services.

2.3Million Media Reach


Our strategic decision was to create a distinct differentiation in our communication for each of our target audiences and to combine Resort & Destination Marketing practices.

  • Local Awareness Campaign: We created a cross-Media, high proximity targeting campaign, promoting Azur Retreat’s restaurant, spa and similar services to the vibrant yachting scene in the area, mainly through mobile devices.
  • Domestic / International Campaign: We created a complete digital marketing plan and strategy across multiple communication channels to increase awareness and to promote the full Azur Retreat experience, by focusing on last minute booking.


Through the bespoke communication carried out by ForestView, within a very short period of 2 months and with several real-time adjustments in response to the shifting realities in world tourism due to COVID-19 in the summer of 2021

we succeeded in introducing a brand new resort in Meganissi to its intended audience, received positive reviews from its satisfied visitors and to thrived during the tourist season, generating a very positive impact in bookings.


+402 Bookings in 2 months

+150K Visitors to Website

+2,3M Media Reach

>585K Social Engagements