– CLIENT BookDialysis.com
- CHANNELS Digital Media
– PROJECT TIMELINE Oct 2022- Nov 2022
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Creative, Social Media, Media Activations


bookdialysis.com is the new, innovative online medical tourism booking service for dialysis patients who wish to travel abroad.

Most dialysis or kidney transplant patients can now travel safely and enjoy their vacations with treatment away from home, booking their therapy through the platform. The service is active in 50+ countries in the world, in cooperation with more than 700 certified clinics and provides the convenience of booking dialysis quickly and safely. ​

ForestView undertook the development and execution of digital strategy and communication to launch the brand and promote it through digital channels to create awareness, aiming at attracting bookdialysis.com online bookings. ​


The main objective was to introduce the new online booking service to the niche market of dialysis patients wishing to travel to countries abroad. 

The opportunity here was not in capturing high demand because, quite simply, that demand wasn’t mature online… yet. 

The primary need was to build our own market and identify the corresponding audience online by managing our service not as a medical platform but as a travel enabler, following the travel consumer cycle and enriching our messaging with our specific medical add-on service. We wanted to look & feel like a TRAVEL platform, not a medical one.  

The biggest challenge was getting the word out that despite any practical difficulties, it is possible for hemodialysis patients to take holidays away from home with the proper planning without risking. 

At the same time, medical tourism is a relatively new option in the online environment with low competition yet a fragmented and foggy landscape. 

Finally, there is considerable potential as medical tourism is expanding rapidly throughout Europe, and, typically, tourist agencies already deal exclusively with patient tourists.


We designed the effective launch and further expansion of bookdialysis.com in Europe with priority markets being, UK, Germany, Nordics, Netherlands, France, Ireland & Spain), Saudi Arabia, Australia, and India.

ForestView provided Social Media brand design & communications strategy, content & online Media services both in building awareness and performance marketing to maximize online bookings.

To meet the objectives, we differentiated the communication according to the specific KPIs, and each campaign combined Awareness, Engagement and Lead generation practices. ​​

  • Engagement Campaign: Social media campaign promoting the new platform and its services, mainly through Facebook. 
  • Traffic/Lead Generation Campaign: Cross-Media traffic & e-commerce campaign, promoting the whole experience of bookdialysis.com, focusing our messages on booking popular European destinations. 
  • Social media look & feel, brand positioning & Social media management 



"Freedom to Discover New Worlds"


Within such a niche market, during the first two months of campaign roll out, the platform attracted 133 new web bookings validating proof of concept. We laid the groundwork to make the platform and its services widely known, building its audience and positively impacting bookings, setting the ground for further scalability in the future. ​


  • Total Reach: 4.814.878  

  • More than 54K Social Engagements   

Google Ads  

  • 15.875 total clicks

  • Time on Site: 00:01:33  

  • Bounce Rate: 36,12% 

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