– CLIENT Coffee Island
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Creative, Social Media, Web Design & Development
– CLIENT Coffee Island
– CHANNELS Online Media, Social Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Digital Media, Marketing Strategy


Coffee Island decided to make a dynamic entrance into e-commerce, aiming to acquire critical mass in terms of online revenue in the minimum amount of time.

In July 2017 ForestView undertook the planning and implementation of the digital communication for coffeeisland.gr and its new e-shop functionality. Our first goal was to achieve a large volume of daily online orders (our “critical mass” target number) within the first 6 months of operations.


We split our campaign in three distinct phases with clear KPIs:

01 Phase (month 1): Benchmarking of key metrics, such as CPC and CPA across different communication channels, to chart our long-term communication strategy across multiple consumer touchpoints. Optimization of the conversion funnel and overall e-shop experience based on web analytics.

02 Phase (months 2-4): Rapid and aggressive new user acquisition within a very short period of time. With benchmarking and efficiencies sorted, we aimed to rapidly recruit new customers to our eShop offering.

03 Phase (months 4-6): Shifting our focus on customer lifetime value, to unlock scalability. Coffee is by definition a repeat purchase product, so we switched from recruitment to growth of our newly acquired customer base, decreased advertising spending to 25-30% and micromanaged users based on 4 audience segments (Loyal – Trial – Leads – Churned).

From 0 to 2.000 daily orders


Deployed a Media campaign across multiple touchpoints to capture all stages of the customer journey, from the ground up.

We began by exhausting our potential with customers with high proximity to purchasing via Google Search. Built upwards, fueling our growth through Display channels to fuel new customer recruitment and impulse repeat purchases from our existing clientele.

Established an evolving, data driven audience segmentation strategy, based on campaign response and eShop behavior, which updated our re-marketing, custom and lookalike audiences on a real-time basis.Used PoS materials to further boost our awareness and accelerate the recruitment of customers to our e-Shop.


Within 6 months:

185% Over achievement of the daily online order volume target within the first 6 months.

983% Skyrocketing ROI (paid & organic) as early as the first month.

-60% Decrease in cost per sale compared to the initial benchmark.

70% of users returns for a repeat online orderwithin the first 10 days of signing in.