– CLIENT Euroclinic
- CHANNELS Digital
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Creative, Media Activations


ForestView's goal was to expand a brand awareness campaign for Euroclinic’s preventive medical examinations. Success was subject to profitability, meeting a strict cost per lead target, scalability, lifetime value of customers and the trickiest of them all, measurability!

The very nature of services provided by Euroclinic pose a series of challenges to any online advertising effort. Communication is only truly relevant within very specific geographic boundaries, in proximity to the hospital.
Services are aimed to a wide range of very diverse audiences. There is very strong competition within the cosmetic treatment sector.Personal contact is an irreplaceable step within the purchase journey, as it is required to build trust.


We adjusted to the diversity of services and target audiences by designing our communication along two principles: Segmentation and Personalization.

Adjusting the timing, Media mix and creatives according to the online research path of each audience segment or specific service. We implemented cross-media optimization, using multiple channels to achieve the maximum reach of our audiences and receive multiple data signals regarding our audience’s proximity to purchase.
Geo-target in a way that both limits media wastage, but also attracts new audiences at the same time. Most importantly, we implemented call tracking technology that allowed us to measure offline lead generation and optimize our communication in real time. Proximity to the hospital and personal contact are irreplacable steps in the purchase journey.

ROAS up to 2.000%


Offline, Realtime Attribution

By implementing offline, call tracking technology for each of our communications channels and creatives, we achieved real time, last click attribution of leads managed by Euroclinic’s call center. This gave us a clear view of the effectiveness each communication channel had – 75% of booked appointments went through the call center, after all – reducing our cost per lead drastically, directly impacting return on advertising spend.

Based on the same technology, we created a Google Analytics custom report, which allowed us to analyze on site customer behavior and search terms used, which was then fed back to our SEM strategy and allowed us to identify long tail, high value keywords.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Using ForestView’s proprietary “Chameleon” technology, we empowered 1to1 customization throughout all display Media. Chameleon allows real-time customization and optimization of the products each user is shown, based on CTR and CR, depending on their audience segment, as well as their on site behavior.

At the same time, by implementing it centrally, on a campaign level, we ensured brand safety and consistency, gaining in awareness and increased organic and direct traffic as a bi-product.


Within 12 months:

5.290 high quality leads.

+63,57% sessions.

+94.36% organic sessions.

+60.52% new users.

-21% cost per lead.

ROAS up to 2,000%.