– CLIENT Frezyderm
- CHANNELS Online Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Media Activations


Frezyderm is a leading brand in Over the Counter (OTC) products, with a strong presence and market share across all pharmacies in Greece. Naturally, this also translates into a robust, widespread presence in the highly competitive and developed e-retail sector.

Our goal was to maximize sales and grow the brand’s share of shelf and share of search within e-pharmacies for products ranging from SKUs with high seasonality, such as suncare products, as well as more evergreen offerings like skincare cosmetics and babycare products.


We set specific criteria of success for each brand, depending on seasonality, current market share vs competition and overall marketing communications that may affect demand.

By understanding both the current and expected demand for each product, we crafted a bespoke approach for each one to boost discoverability by targeting search queries, display placements or a combination of both, within e-pharmacies.

72.168 website visitors


By partnering with Project Agora Commerce, we managed to target consumers while they were inside many of the leading pharmacy e-shops, targeting them with our product suggestions when it was most effective.

We planned and orchestrated integrated activation campaigns at the point of sale, with a consistent look and feel that served brand guidelines, while at the same time having access to centralized and near real-time monitoring of sales and ROAS.
We targeted consumers at all stages of their journey, ranging from homepage display banners, with high discoverability, to highly targeted sponsored listings within search query results or relevant product categories, enhancing conversion rate.


For the duration of the project:

Unlocked opportunities for incremental sales, though sparking impulse purchases.

Boosted product discoverability and revenues in product segments where the brand has a challenger status.

Achieved a very high ROAS of up to x15 by reaching consumers at the point of purchase.