– CLIENT Frezyderm
– PROJECT TIMELINE ongoing since Feb. 2022
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Media Activations

Frezyderm is a Greek leading company operating in the dermocosmetics segment; focusing in the areas of Skin Care, Oral Hygiene and Baby & Child Care.

All products are sourced from its privately-owned production unit and mainly distributed in Greece, via pharmacies and beauty shops, and directly, via its eShop in multiple markets; including the USA, UK & Germany.



The main objective of this project is to build a new revenue stream for Frezyderm that will be self-funded and profitable from the very first year of its launch. Based on the three-year Business Plan that ForestView created, a quantifiable goal was set of minimum turnover - with an average weighted TACOS below 30% within the first 12 months.


The preparation and implementation of the project was carried out by using a structured process based on continuous data collection and analysis of the following phases:

1. Research

2. Planning

3. Implementation

4. Operation, Optimization and Reporting


The strategic approach includes the following phases:

1. Research

ForestView’s methodology systematically examines the competitive environment within the Amazon marketplace, per country and product category, as well as market viability and prioritized the product categories and markets to invest in. We selected 50 Frezyderm products from 5 product categories across 3 markets (Germany, France, Spain).

2. Planning

A 3-year Business Plan was created. This plan calculated the amount of required investment per year, the required retail price, and evaluated the Amazon’s cooperation model – in terms of shipping and storing the products – resulting in a ROI forecast.

3. Implementation

The Amazon accounts were established, the product content was generated (including A+ Content & Brand Store) and the promotion plan was designed.

4. Operation, optimization and reporting of results

A critical stage is the ongoing operation of the account, the execution of all orders, the implementation of the promotion plan and the communication handling with Amazon to resolve potential account issues. All the above are complemented by continuous measurement and optimization of SEO-optimized content and advertising campaigns.


ForestView launched the promotion plan with a focus on Brand Awareness campaigns aiming to induce product demand; successfully cultivating demand for in-stock products by driving sales - and therefore new sales from Amazon. More specifically ForestView:

  • overachieved Amazon’s Sell-in Index (value of orders) within 9 months VS the annual goal set during the planning phase.

  • achieved an avg. TACOS of 22.2% VS 30% of the annual target.

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