– CLIENT Medem
- CHANNELS Digital Media, Social Media
– PROJECT TIMELINE Oct 2022- May 2023
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Creative, Social Media, Web Design & Development


MEDEM, a new brand within the pharma sector with the aim to provide industry advancement through differentiated solutions and diverse range of products designed for both women and men.

MEDEM Vision is to become a leading Greek company in the field of
nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals with the following actions:

• Constantly improve their products and cultivate partnerships with
internationally renowned companies and Greek scientists.

• Provide innovative and effective products that meet the diverse and
evolving needs of our customers and to promote a healthy lifestyle
through natural ingredients.

• Maintain the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency in our
products, in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction and

The first task for ForestView was the creation of Company Logo, Visual Identity to enter and establish MEDEM and its proposition, within the pharmaceutical industry


In a rather segmented and cluttered vertical, we needed to audit the market, competition and own product variety, to come up with the proposition that suits the brand and adds value and specific Identity.

MEDEM brand proposition is to provide industry advancement through innovation and
differentiated solutions
The key Reasons to Believe are the following angles supported on all product

• Technological edge
• Advancement on Ingredients
• Delivery System

"Evolution as a constant force of change resulting progress."


It was a priority to safeguard consistency in look ‘n feel across physical and online touchpoints, activating the meaning of what Medem stands for, so that it matches the expectation of our audience and the journey we want to design

The deliverables ensure a clear brand direction for the present and
safeguards future application needs:

Logo, Tagline and tone of voice to enhance Brand Positioning
Brand Style Guide to use across all consumer touchpoints
Branding application design (social media, website, stationary…)

The Concept wants to underline that “Evolution as a constant force of change resulting progress”.


Starting from a simple index line with an upward direction and shaping it with 3 dimensional mass we’d like to enhance the feeling of an always evolving symbol. Evolving through innovation, combined with the initial M for MEDEM.

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