– CLIENT Milupa
- CHANNELS Online Media, Social Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Web Design & Development, Consumer Experience, Ecommerce Enablement


Milupa, a multinational brand with a 90-year history, requested our help to create a DTC (Direct to Consumer) offering for the Greek market.

Instead of creating a “simple”, functional e-shop, we took the opportunity to design a dedicated DTC channel that enriched customer experience by supplementing and enhancing the overall omnichannel approach of the brand and providing a unique service to the end-consumers.


Milupa enjoys great product availability, with a highly developed distribution network.

Our task was to audit and analyze the customer journey, understand the decision triggers and possible leaks and create a DTC offering that would truly service consumer needs.

The strategic goal of our approach was not to directly compete with the established retail channels but to enhance the Milupa brand experience by investing in building owned resources, facilitating 48 hours delivery and providing a full service above what was currently available to consumers.

72.168 website visitors


We assisted in crafting a distinct DTC proposition by choosing the right assortment as well as “quality of life” services.

For example, we designed a pre-scheduled, subscription service, built around the innate repeat purchasing pattern of baby nutrition products. Customers can order a month’s supply of baby milk powder products, schedule bi-weekly deliveries and payments and not have to worry about running out ever again.

We designed an overall customer experience and user interface that enriched the established brand communications and implemented a series of automations, with decision trees using pre-defined triggers to send transactional e-mails and SMSs across the customer journey (registration, ordering, fulfilment status e.t.c.).
All of the above combined with Milupa dedication to building a long-term enriched end-to-end experience by devoting owned resources, ensured that eshop.milupa.gr found its rightful place among the multitude of purchase options available to consumers.


Within 6 months:

00:00:30 time on site (avg session duration)

5.73% bounce rate

72,168 website visitors

57,232 unique customers (client IDs)

21% of customers return for more than one orders

1.1% conversion rate

66€ average basket value

0.88€ customer lifetime value