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NP Labs is an international compounding pharmacy lab with 15 years' experience in offering customized prescription-based medicine & well-being to clinics and patients around the globe, including the US, UK and Germany. We helped them to completely transform their brand identity, website design and expand their business online.

ForestView’s goal was to completely reposition a traditional B2B brand, to help it expand its reach beyond its existing B2B relationships, while also communicating directly to B2C audiences. Furthermore, we wanted to create a brand architecture that will be able to potentially accommodate new B2B and B2C ventures, maintaining a consistent brand promise.


ForestView relaunched the brand and created the corporate website and an e-shop to effectively communicate the new position and enable e-commerce.

We started by redefining the brand’s key values, focusing on its strong scientific capability, its own, ISO-certified lab facilities and its long heritage in developing customized solutions for a wide set of patients.

The outcome was a full relaunch of the existing brand, by creating a new brand name, NP Labs, followed by a new, fresh logo and complete brand identity design. The new brand identity was applied on every physical and digital touchpoint, including the product packaging.

As part of the brand redesign, we designed and developed a brand new corporate website, able to clearly communicate the new position and values.

Helping the brand expand its scope to B2C clients, we also designed and launched a B2C sub-brand, NP Pharmacy, providing a direct-to-consumer (DtC) channel for the over-the-counter products. We also designed NP Pharmacy’s e-shop based on NP Labs’ brand identity.