– CLIENT Psichogios
- CHANNELS Online Media, Social Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Media Activations


Digital marketing must be reactive and adjust quickly to the ebb and flows of commercial realities.

In 2019 the necessary investment to a complete e-shop overhaul meant that online sales needed to be supported by a restricted media budget. In early 2020, in the aftermath of Covid-19, e-commerce needed to expand drastically, in an effort to mitigate the lost revenue from physical retail. The constant, however, is that regardless of changing circumstances, ForestView is consistently delivering high ROAS on scale!


All digital communications are measured based on two global KPIs, meeting a strict cost per sale (CPA) target and generating a profitable ROAS (return on advertising spend) on scale.

In 2019 Psichogios made a significant investment to completely overhaul the company e-commerce website, limiting funds for paid online advertising regardless of performance. Thus, we were challenged to maximize the media return on investment more than any previous year, while simultaneously preparing the way and supporting the successful commercial launch of the new e-shop from November 2019 and onwards. And then, on February 2020, our strategy had to be re-designed as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

424% ROAS (+42%YoY)


Re-focused our SEM (search engine marketing) to expand and increase visitors in our e-shop.

Used retargeting with automated messaging personalization, continuously re-evaluating and expanding on our custom audience segmentation, capitalizing on opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling and overall conversions.

Leveraged display, video and native communication channels to further expand audience coverage and attract new visitors, either through direct traffic, or by enhancing brand awareness which then lead to higher search query volumes. Capitalized on Media opportunities and shifting consumer behaviors after the COVID-19 outbreak. We shifted our focus to scale direct sales via psichogios.gr to the maximum of it’s potential, in an effort to mitigate the business impact of a severed physical retail pipeline, which is by far the main source of sales for the company.


Between May 2019 and April 2020, we achieved the following results:

424% ROAS (+42%YoY)

+62% Sales Revenue YoY January – April 2020 (after the new website launch and adaptation of strategy to COVID-19).

460% ROAS

104% VS the total annual sales of 2019