– CLIENT Psichogios
- CHANNELS Online Media, Social Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Media Activations


Psichogios Publications is a pioneer company in Greek publications industry, with strong ecommerce presence (psichogios.gr), offering more than 5.000 book titles, 2.600 e-books & 1.300 toys.

The pandemic impacted Greek reading habits to a great extent. This new reality surfaced new audience typologies along with new product categories.

New opportunities emerged, resulting in a significant online sales increase. ForestView’s “always on” analysis combined with an extended data analysis of consumer behavior at psichogios.gr, showcased how consumers search for products in Greece and abroad.

Following the lockdown era, e-shop’s sales had already skyrocketed maintaining a high ROAS. The goal was to further increase sales volumes to secure e-shop’s profitability and generate revenues that would be able to self-fund its advertising spends. 


The e-shop was used as the key and primary channel to analyze consumer behavior changes.

This lead ForestView to extend actions to multiple stages of the consumer journey (Awareness & Discovery) and new emerging book categories (e.g., business & self-improvement books etc.), which till then weren’t classified as a priority segment.

Once all the actions were combined -along with the “release” of the budget- the performance was maximized and the ROAS target was met.

+27% Average Basket Value


ForestView won a Golden e-volution award,

since the results were great, once again.

+38% Website Visitors

+25 Sales

+57% Revenue

+27% Average Basket Value

+47% Gross Profit