– CLIENT Simply Burgers
- CHANNELS TV, Point of Sales, Social Media, Online Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Creative, Social Media, Media Activations


Simply Burgers, a true pioneer in their market segment, introduced its American style, no-nonsense, delicious specialist burgers in Greece in 2003. Since then, there have been many imitators, but none of them has managed to replicate the brand’s success.

With 11 stores across Attica, the brand still has both the legacy and the coverage to stand above the multitude of challengers that keep springing up and disappearing after a few seasons.

However, Simply Burgers faced pressure from two directions. Covid-19 induced restrictions had directly affected the dine-in traffic, which represent a significant percentage of the revenues. Most importantly, though, with all this noise from an oversupply of similar offerings, it was getting ever more difficult for Simply Burgers to cut through and stand out.

Everyone claims that they can do burgers better, these days…


It made no sense to compete with all the noise by adding more noise. After all, together we built this segment.

Our recipe for success has always been to do things the “simply” way.

You can never beat the real thing.

While the competition strives to stand out by adding more and exotic ingredients, we created a hero product that had nothing more but two pieces of bread, one sauce, a piece of cheese and a burger patty. But… each ingredient was AWESOME!

Thus, we created the Black Series, Limited Edition, “La Bistecca” Simply Burger.

a Black Series Limited Edition Burger


Having nailed down the recipe that would truly communicate the best the brand had to offer, ForestView created a coordinated campaign across all customer touchpoints.

  • Crafted a unique package for the product, upgrading it’s unboxing into an experience and creating a craving for the product, before even laying eyes on it.
  • Created a 360 online campaign across multiple Media, including a product centric video that allowed our simple, but awesome recipe to shine.
  • Leaned on the limited availability of the product, which was the result of the high quality, but somewhat rare “Chianina Toscana” Florentine meat using for our burger, as an attribute of our campaign. ForestView creatives focused on the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect.
  • Restricted the availability of the product to our direct ordering channels, our website, mobile App, call center and dine in, giving our loyal customers an advantage over people using food delivery services. That way, we protected our product from being lost in the noise of the competition and made sure that we controlled 100% of the communication touchpoints.


ForestView took advantage of Real Time Marketing activations and Social Empowerment under one main theme.

The product was accounted for 11% of the total orders received during its’ run; ranking among the most successful limited edition burgers in Simply Burgers’ history, even though it was the most expensive single burger item in the menu and was not available to order via food delivery apps.

The basket value of orders that included the “La Bistecca” was 31% higher than our average.

Simply Burgers experienced several “sold out” days throughout the product’s run on several stores of the restaurant network.

ForestView re-activated ~3.000 customers that hadn’t ordered from Simply Burgers for 3 months or more.

During a post-campaign consumer research, Simply Burgers saw a significant increase in responses that described Simply Burgers as “Tasty”, “High Quality” and “Cool”.