– CLIENT Simply Burgers
- CHANNELS TV, Point of Sales, Social Media, Online Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Creative, Social Media, Media Activations


Simply Burgers, a true pioneer in their market segment, introduced its American style, no-nonsense, delicious specialist burgers in Greece in 2003.

Since then, there have been many imitators, but none of them has managed to replicate the brand’s success. Our goal was to craft a dynamic marketing communication strategy that would untap the maximum sales potential for the brand using big data, advertising impact measurement and attribution across all channels.


ForestView undertook the communication relaunch of Simply Burgers in the Greek market, designing and implementing the brand's overall marketing communications strategy.

To identify business opportunities we collected, consolidated, streamlined and analyzed data from three main sources:

21.982 New Customers on the website


We created a rich content calendar across digital, physical and offline channels.

Regarding sales data, we created custom scrips that allowed us to normalize and visualize raw sales data directly from Simply Burger’s ERP. Allowing for maximum flexibility, this solution enabled us to adjust our parameters dynamically. 

We segmented our audience in 4 clusters, adjusting our messaging and Media for each one and customizing our communications based on their evolution. Clustering was made based on quarterly purchases, allowing us to create segments with statistical, commercial and Media significance.


Within the first 12 months:

21.982 New Customers
+118% Sales
+22% “Standard” customers
+31% Turnover
x4,9 ROAS