– CLIENT Get A Quote | TV-Deals - official NOVA partner
- CHANNELS Website
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Web Design & Development, Consumer Experience


Get A Quote is one of the most established lead generation agencies in Greece that partners with call-centers to provide telesales services to highly competitive industries, such as Energy, Insurance, Telecoms, TV, etc.

ForestView was asked to re-design the TV-deals landing page. Nova.tv.deals.gr, is an  official NOVA partner, offers a wide range of pay TV, broadband internet, mobile and fixed telephony services. The goal was to generate quality leads and to increase the traffic (volume of leads) , with a strict Cost Per Lead (CPL) target that changed dynamically, based on the volume of leads and the capacity of the call-center.


To achieve our goal, we designed and implemented a highly converting customer journey from consideration to conversion, completely redesigning the website and applying Conversion Rate Optimization techniques (CRO) to maximize conversions on the website traffic we created through our campaigns.

The website redesign was entirely based on statistical and behavioral data we collected, helping us identify the user painpoints, which compromized the user experience and impacted conversions.

We then applied continuous CRO which was based on actual user data analysis and A/B testing, helping us incrementally improve conversion rates and keeping the CPL low.

"...increased User Engagement by 70.92%"


As a first step, we started collecting user behavioural data so we can understand the way they interact with the website and what are their friction points.

To do that, we used technologies like Google Analytics, to gather quantitative data like bounce rate and exit rate, as well as market leading insights, testing and conversion optimization technologies, like VWO, to gather qualitative data through heatmaps, scrollmaps, clickmaps and session recordings.

After gathering and analysing data, we identified that, as Nova’s available products started growing, users struggled to find those suitable to their needs and quickly abandoned the site, especially on mobile devices. Also, even when they identified the product of interest, the available information was not engaging enough to make them complete their contact details in the contact form.

The next step, was to start shaping the hypotheses we wanted to test, prioritizing them based on those that would make a bigger impact on the user experience and consequently the Conversion Rate and launched the AB test phase. The hypotheses were built around actions and features that would improve user experience helping them easier detect what they are looking for, increase their engagement and reduce their scroll depth.

Some indicative tests were the following:

  1. Create a multi-level filter on the homepage so that the users can dynamically find the preferred products under the corresponding category.
  2. Changed the product lists to product carousels to reduce scroll-depth
  3. Created dedicated landing pages per service with useful content to educate users and increase their engagement with the site
  4. Created banners that displayed gifts that users would win when purchasing specific services and placed them at the home and corresponding category pages


The variations were implemented in the live site on both desktop and mobile.


Each A/B test ran for approximately 14 days on over 10.000 visitors with the traffic being equally split between the control and the variation website versions.

What we achieved with the features we added resulted in:

  • increased CR by 20.45% on mobile and 8.50% on desktop

  • increased User Engagement by 70.92%.