– CLIENT Vechro
- CHANNELS TV, Radio, Print, Social Media, Online Media
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Creative, Media Activations


The aim of the communication plan was to position VECHRO as the real leader in eco-friendly paints in consumers' perception.

Our main challenge is the quite complex customer journey itself, since professionals (painters and retail stores) have great influence in the final product selection and they are more often swayed by commercial, rather than quality or environmental friendliness criteria.


We aimed on creating branded demand, focusing all our efforts to the consumers themselves and especially women and men 25-44...

…who are frequently active DIYers, recognizing that if we attract this audience, the rest of the sales channel will follow. At the same time, we wanted to highlight the ecological specialization of VECHRO, taking advantage of consumers’ shift to environmentally friendly products, but also the fact that the category of colors is considered inherently harmful to the planet.

+ 27.81% increase in sales of Smaltoplast Silk


Our campaign visualizes the odorless, ecological composition and method of production of the VECHRO products through a single-minded, memorable image: colored noses…

We directly linked something intangible, ecology and the lack of smell, with a powerful visual, a brightly colored nose, engraining our core messaging in the minds of our audience with a single keyvisual. The noses of people who, in disbelief, came too close to a freshly painted, odorless surface with VECHRO products.


In a period of just 3 months we managed to create significant business impact as a result of higher brand demand.

+ 11.76% total increase in sales from the network of retail partners.

+ 15.28% increase in sales of Smaltoplast Extra.

+ 27.81% increase in sales of Smaltoplast Silk.