– CLIENT VR Academi
- CHANNELS Google Search, YouTube, Native, Social Media
– PROJECT TIMELINE May 2021- ongoing
– FORESTVIEW ROLE Business & Marketing Consulting, Media Activations, Consumer Experience, Ecommerce Enablement


VR Academi is a promising start up with the vision to become world’s 1st STEAM skills online platform; helping children learn & advance in Creative Design, Digital Art, 3D Game Development & Movie Making using VR technology.

VR Academi assigned ForestView to design a holistic solution to improve the website performance. Aiming to increase the number of subscriptions and deliver a profitable ROI to showcase to potential global investors how the innovative model is scalable and self-financing. The campaign was awarded with the Bronze prize at the “Excellence in Ecommerce Services” category at e-VOLUTION AWARDS 2022. 


The strategy towards increasing the number of leads (subscriptions) for the website was focused on the following metrics, simultaneously; increase the Conversion Rate and Site Traffic. To achieve this, ForestView integrated the expertise in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC).


  • Creation of a free trial demo focused on getting qualified leads at the cost of signup volume.  
  • Launch of chatbot support increasing customer satisfaction and improving the overall customer experience as well as the conversion rate.   
  • Analysis of the buyer personas (students, parents, teachers), using Google Analytics and Google. Adwords data (demographics, income level, interests/affinities, preferred channels, active hours online, buying patterns etc).  
  • Creation of multi-layered media strategy across the funnel, passing the customers from the Awareness stage to the Education stage and finally to the Conversion stage. 

+13% Conversion Rate


ForestView used specialized Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service with customized tools for systematic monitoring of the consumer journey through heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps, and suggestions for continuous website improvement.

ForestView services included:

A. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): 1.Reduced friction in the website funnel – ForestView reduced the steps needed to complete conversion, as well as upscaled the forms. 2. Identified and fixed main user experience (UX) issues. 3. Improved copy and content on course pages – trying to answer the questions: a) what VR Academi does?, b) what makes VR Academi unique? & c) why the user should choose VR Academi over the competition? 4. Fixed all functionality and design issues.

B. Media Services: 1.Primary Target Persona was defined as: high income expats within specific geo-locations with focus on moms with children aged 9-17; the decision makers. 2. Google Search as a tool for demand generation regarding STEAM child education as well as dynamic campaigns to promote brand and basic courses. 3. Facebook, Instagram, Google Smart Display, Native and YouTube to educate parents of all services provided. 4. Multi-level retargeting campaign to encourage user engagement across all steps of the consumer journey.


-20% CPA (vs the target CPA)

+13% Conversion Rate

-12% Bounce Rate

x2,5 ROAS